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Janine Bocciardi – Janine’s pledge debut was during our first Frank Vignola special, and she continues to enjoy supporting musical programming.


Heath Buckmaster – KVIE’s Director of On-Air Fundraising and Special Events, Heath produces and is regularly seen during pledge programming and the annual Art Auction. He can also be seen as a host of the KVIE Arts Showcase.

Jessica Brown – KVIE’s Fundraising Events Coordinator, Jessica has been seen on the KVIE Box Office and during the annual Art Auction.


Doug Elmets – President of Elmets Communications and a longtime KVIE volunteer, Doug is a former Chairman of KVIE’s Board of Directors and is regularly seen on pledge drives and as an auctioneer during our annual Art Auction.

Jim Finnerty – producer for KVIE’s America’s Heartland and Viewfinder programming, Jim supports pledge, and his voice is heard regularly on KVIE program spots and tune-in.

Elfrena Foord – Owner of Foord, Van Bruggen, Ebersole & Pajak, and former KVIE Board Member, Elfrena supports pledge programming, with an affinity for financial and personal development programming.

Rose Froling – as KVIE’s HR Manager, Rose is typically seen as talent during Kids Pledge programming and brings an upbeat and family-friendly personality to morning television.

Sharon Gerber – A former KVIE Board Member, and local Sacramento artist, Sharon is seen during pledge and the annual art auction.


Erin Haight – Erin is a radio producer and on-air personality who has a passion for music and food. She joined KVIE’s on-air talent rotation after a guest appearance during the Julia Child 100th Birthday Celebration where she provided commentary on the importance of chocolate cake.

Akiba Howard – Executive Producer at Inspired Actions TV, Akiba is a regular volunteer supporting pledge and the annual Art Auction, and has a personal passion to promote the spirit of volunteerism in the Sacramento area.

Jenna Kline – KVIE’s Education Services Coordinator, Jenna is regularly seen during kids programming and is out in the community during workshops and children’s education events.

David Lowe – KVIE’s President and General Manager is one of the most recognizable faces on KVIE, supporting fundraising projects as well as general station promotions.



David Nash – longtime volunteer David Nash has extensive PBS on-air experience and shares his talents supporting our seasonal pledge drives.


Kellie Raines – Executive Assistant to KVIE’s President and General Manager, Kellie is regular talent for both pledge and the annual Art Auction, with an affinity for our British programming and documentaries. She can also be seen as a host of the KVIE Arts Showcase.

Bobby Rivers – Former VH1 talk show host, national TV/Radio film critic, Food Network host and commercial actor, Bobby specializes in nostalgic programming about the entertainment industry.

Michael Sanford – KVIE’s VP for Content Creation, Michael is often heard as the voice of Viewfinder programming, and can also be seen supporting nostalgic pledge programming.

Cindy Shelton
– Real Estate Professional at Decker Bullock, Sotheby’s International Realty, Cindy has a passion for public television and is a longtime supporter of fundraising through pledge and the art auction.

Jason Shoultz – KVIE Producer and Reporter, Jason can be seen supporting pledge, and as a segment reporter for America’s Heartland. Jason also produces and hosts programs for the KVIE Viewfinder series.

Kevin Smith-Fagan – KVIE’s VP for Leadership Giving, Kevin supports pledge and art auction, and has an affinity for Doc Martin and guitar-based performance programs.

Rob Stewart
– KVIE’s Rob on the Road travels all over the country for America’s Heartland and his own local travel program. He also enjoys spending time supporting pledge and the annual Art Auction.

Steve Sweeney – KVIE’s Fundraising Events Specialist, Steve is a pledge and art auction producer, and has been seen on the KVIE Box Office and Kids Pledge.


Terri Taliaferro – KVIE Receptionist and Administrative Assistant, Terri provides voiceover support for tune-in spots, and is on-air for news and performance-related pledge programming.

Cheryl Watson
– Performing Arts Teacher and Theatre Director at St. Francis High School, and long-time volunteer, Cheryl is well known at KVIE for supporting musical fundraising programming.

Clayton Whitehead – Vice President of Sports Leisure Vacations and former KVIE Board Member, Clayton supports on-air fundraising and is a regular volunteer for station events and pledge.








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