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Become a KVIE Sustaining Member TODAY!
What is the KVIE Sustaining Member Program? Simply – It’s a Better Way to Give!

An on-going form of monthly membership with all the traditional benefits of membership and more - starting with less mail! KVIE sustaining members agree to make on-going monthly donations that are automatically deducted from a credit/debit card or checking account each month.

Better for YOU!
  • Save time and money.
  • Never write another check or buy another stamp to support KVIE!
  • More convenient.
  • Membership is always active and skips annual cycle of pledges and renewals - no more renewal notices!
  • More control.
  • Increase, decrease or suspend your membership donation at any time with a low monthly minimum of $5.00 – plus chose a new optional thank you gift each year.
  Better for KVIE!
  • A dependable and ongoing funding source.
  • Ensuring KVIE’s ability to air the great programs you enjoy, year after year.
  • Reduced administrative costs.
  • Helps KVIE save time, money – and even the environment – at the same time!
  • Sustaining donations are a greater investment.
  • In the quality programming you expect from your public television station.

Click Here or call us today at (916) 641-3500 and join the growing family of KVIE members who generously give monthly donations to the station by becoming KVIE Sustainers. Enjoy all the savings and convenience of your always-active membership, so you have more time to enjoy all the programs that make KVIE a valuable resource for you and everyone in your household.

Sustaining Member Program FAQ

You can call the KVIE Payment Update line at 1-800-648-1292. This secure line is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Please never send a credit card via email.
For security purposes, in order to update the expiration date of your credit card, we will need the full card number again. You can update this information at our KVIE Payment Update line at 1-800-648-1292 or through our Donor Service representatives at member@kvie.org or (916) 641-3500. Please never send a credit card via email.
You can contact one of our Donor Service representatives at member@kvie.org or (916) 641-3500. If you email or call after business hours and leave a message please remember to leave your address so we can research your membership.
Yes, however depending on the donation level of the gift and the date of your last thank you gift; KVIE may need to adjust your sustaining donation. Donors can only have one membership, so if you pledge for a $5/ month for a CD and then make another pledge for a $7/month for a DVD a few weeks part, your pledges will be merged to establish a $12/ month sustaining donation. If it has been about a year since your last thank you gift, call the KVIE Donor Service representatives and let them know. Oftentimes they are able to add a gift each year without an increase.
KVIE spends a significant amount of money on thank you gifts, especially tickets. Because of the increased expense and the high risk of ticket fraud KVIE cannot offer tickets to sustaining donors. Donations for tickets must be paid in full by credit card.
If you became a sustaining donor and received a thank you gift within the past year, you may convert to the one-time donation amount and pay the balance. This keeps your membership and your OnSix guide active for a full year.

If you became a sustaining donor and did not request a thank you gift, you may request to cancel your membership at any time.
KVIE does not offer installments or layaway on donations. Donations are only available as a one-time gift or as an ongoing monthly sustaining gift.
Absolutely, simply call 1-800-270-6601, visit www.kvie.org/support, call our Donor Service Representatives at 916-641-3500, or send in a donation by mail.
You will receive a notice in January reporting the prior year’s donations to KVIE with the tax-deductible portion calculated.



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